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Surgery Oncology

What is surgery oncology?

Surgery oncology is the subspeciality of surgery that deals with cancer treatment with surgery. It is mainly used to remove the cancerous or tumorous tissue from its site without harming the surrounding normal cells. It is also used for diagnosis and other cancer care techniques.

Who are surgical oncologists?

Oncologists are the doctors who deal with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Oncologists, along with your primary care doctor, create a treatment plan for cancer care. Surgical oncologists are the ones who use surgery to diagnose or remove cancer cells. Such oncologists are the surgeons who also extract samples for cancer biopsies.

What are the uses of surgical oncology?

Surgery oncology is used for many purposes in cancer treatment:

  • Cancer prevention: Some people are prone to cancer due to their family history or genetic composition. In such cases, surgery can be performed to prevent the initiation of cancer. The precancerous cells in the body are thus removed by surgery to prevent cancer.
  • Diagnosis of cancer: Surgery can be done to find out any growth or other symptoms of cancer. A sample of a cancer cell can be extracted by surgery and studied under a microscope to identify cancer cells. This diagnostic procedure is known as a biopsy.
  • Find the severity of cancer: Surgery oncology helps determine the grades and stages of a tumor which gives the details about the severity, extent, and size of the tumor cells or masses.
  • Cancer treatment: Surgery oncology removes the entire cancer mass or cells from the body. It can also be done to support other treatments for cancer.
  • Ease of symptoms: Surgery oncology can also be done as a palliative surgery to ease cancer symptoms. It might give relief from the pain of cancer cells.
  • Reconstructive surgery: Cancer can cause physical aberrations and deformities. Surgery oncology also helps to reconstruct such aberrations in the body and give a normal look to the affected areas.

Which cancers are treated by surgery oncology?

Surgery oncology applies to cancers of the breast, esophagus, throat, thyroid, skin, lung, kidney, gallbladder, liver, pancreas, spine, uterus, bones, and colon.