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Medical Oncology

What is medical oncology?

Medical oncology is the subfield of medicine that deals with cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. In this oncology, mainly therapeutic drugs are used for cancer management and care.

Who is a medical oncologist?

A medical oncologist is a doctor who and treats cancer with techniques like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapy, etc. Visiting a medical oncologist is usually the first step of the cancer journey. After a person gets diagnosed with cancer, your doctor will suggest you see a medical oncologist. A medical oncologist will help you understand the behavior of your cancer, its severity, a timeline of your cancer treatment, your body’s response to the treatment, the cost of the treatment, insurance details, and any other doubts you have about your condition.

What are the therapies in medical oncology?

Medical oncology encompasses cancer treatment techniques like chemotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, and immunotherapy.

  • Chemotherapy: It is a treatment that uses therapeutic drugs to manage and treat cancer. It prevents the tumor cells from dividing, growing, proliferating, and increasing in size.
  • Hormone therapy: Some cancer cells utilize hormones to divide and grow. Hormone therapy is used to destroy or slow down such cancer cells. Hormone therapy is also used to reduce the pain and other symptoms of cancer.
  • Targeted therapy: Targeted therapy is the cancer treatment that uses the proteins and other hallmarks of cancer as targets to destroy them. It will prevent the cancer cells from growing, stops the growth signals of cancer cells, causes cancer cell death, reduces the hormones required for cancer growth, etc.
  • Immunotherapy: It will help or boost your immune system to fight and prevent cancer.